Production of machine-monsters began in Belarus!


In Belarus, they started producing buggies - monster machines, unique in their technical characteristics.

The first model is called "Mad horse", the maximum speed is 250 km/h.

Passage, endurance, speed, lightness - the basic parameters of the car are akin to the wasteland transport from the post-apocalyptic world of the film "Mad Max".

CAR frames are made of lightweight materials with increased strength. High ground clearance allows you to use buggies for autocross, off-road racing and cross country.


Engine: Mercedes m119, 5000 cc, V8

Transmission AKPP, drive - permanent full with the possibility of rigid locking, bridges with a self-locking differential.

Pendant pneumatic with a stroke: front - 300mm, rear - 500mm.

The width of the rear axle is 2040 mm, the front one is 2100 mm

The length in the raised state is 3750 mm, in the lowered state - 3800 mm

The height in the raised state is 2150, the lumen is 650, in the lowered - 1800, the lumen is 300


Three suspension positions:

1. Manual adjustment, it is possible to raise and lower to the desired height separately each axis,

2. Automatic adjustment, the suspension itself rises to the desired height regardless of the weight of the passengers

3. Sports mode - crouchs below, due to which the suspension becomes more rigid.


Tank 70 liters

Steering wheel hydraulic

Brakes hydraulic with the amplifier

Four-point seat belts

Exhaust manifold


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